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Broche de abalorios - instrucciones

Como nos gusta la bisuteria y las joyas hechas con abalorios, aquí tienes una original idea para realizar un broche con abalorios.
En el video te muestran paso a paso como hacer un precioso broche con motivos navideños.
El video es en inglés pero en las imágenes se explica muy bien como hacerlo. Espero que os guste y que os de muchas ideas para vuestras creaciones de cristal.

Instrucciones para hacer una rana de abalorios

Puedes hacer pequeños animales y objetos con abalorios y hilo de sedal o alambre.
El material más adecuado para realizar los animales de abalorios es el hilo de alamabre siempre que sea lo suficientemente fino para pasar a través de los abalorios varias veces.
En este video encontrarás instrucciones para hacer una sencilla rana de abalorios. Las instrucciones están en inglés, también puedes fijarte en la foto para realizar tu animalito con abalorios.

Free beading project

Here is a beautiful bead project to make for our English readers. Learn to make these earings with blue beads, follow the tutorial you will find in this site and enjoy your beading.
Earings tutorial

More beading projects here

Beading tutorial: heart with Swarovski beads

Here is a video tutorial showing how to make a beautiful pendant in the shape of a heart with Swarovski crystal beads.

More beading tutorials in english here.

Making necklaces with bead crochet

Learn how to make jewerly and beautiful objects with beads.
Bead crochet is one of the finest beading techniques that you can use to make necklaces and bracelets with small beads (seed beads). In this video you will see instructions on how to make a bracelet or necklace with crochet and beads.

Beading tutorial - bracelet with glass beads

Here is a beading tutorial where you will learn how to make small balls with glass beads (Swarovski beads for instance) and also to make a beautiful bracelet using the beaded balls.
Follow the steps explained in the video to make several beaded glass balls, use beads in different colours and sizes and then use thease beaded balls to make a bracelet.

More beading instructions in English here.

Estrella de navidad con abalorios de cristal

Con abalorios también podemos elaborar preciosas decoraciones de navidad, aquí os enseño cómo hacer una estrella utilizando abalorios Swaroski de cristal de color transparente (o plata).
Instucciones y patrón para elaborar la estrella de abalorios aquí.

Make a flower with beads

Here is a beaded creation for my English visitors. Making flowers with beads is easy, fun and cheap since you can use normal beads (small or seed beads), beaded flowers do not usually require very expensive crystal beads.
Follow this link to find the free pattern and instructions in English to make this flower with beads. Enjoy beading!

More beading instructions in English here.

Christmas crafts with beads

In this english website you will find the instructions to make these earings with beads. Yes! they are Christmas trees. A perfect gift for Christmas that you can make yourself. You won't need expensive beads, the earings are made with seed beads.
Learn how to make them here: rings and things

Make flowers with beads

You can make beautiful flowers with seed beads and wire, it is less expensive than using the crystal beads. Here is a website in english where you will find full instructions for making beautiful roses with seed beads: How to make Beaded Roses

More posts with beading instructions in English:

An easy necklace made with beads

I made this necklace to match a purple dress I wore at a friend's wedding.
To make the necklace you won't need a lot of time, and it is really easy to make.
Choose good quality crystal beads, in the colours you prefer, I chose pink and purple beads, in different sizes and shapes, some are round swarosky crystal beads, others are bicones. I mixed three different sizes. I used silver finding to make the necklace kind of rigid. You will also need a clasp to close it.
Have a look at the picture and you will find it is easy to follow the pattern. Play combining different colours, sizes and shapes and you to build your own beaded craft, each piece is different and unique.

More posts about beads in english:

Easy to make bead ring with instructions

This is a very easy to make beaded ring, a good start for beginning beaders :)
The materials you will need are: small standard plastic beads (in yellow in the picture), larger beads (the green ones in the picture). You will also need some 60 cm of thread, you can use a thin elastic thread; that will make the ring suit different sizes, but it will result on a weaker ring. Other option is using the kind of thread that is usually employed for fishing, this is easy to use for beading and makes long lasting rings.

To make the ring, follow this simple pattern (the red star indicates the start point).
Start by putting one of the small beads into the thread and taking it to the middle of the thread. It will be easier if you hold each of the two endings of the thread on one hand. After the first small bead, put one large green bead, another small one and another large bead, on each side of the thread. Then cross both endings of the thread into one small bead, as shown in the picture. Repeat these steps until you get the right lenght for your ring, use several knots to finish the ring.

How to bead the japanese way

Here is a video showing a beading class with Japanese beaders

They use really small beads to create some kind of "beaded net" similar to peyote stich. This beading technique is used to make handbags, purses, belts, and much more.
See more beading videos here:
Beading video and another beading video

Crystal bead jewellery: summary of works presented

How to make Crystal bead necklaces and pendants Learn how to make yourself some of these beautiful necklaces,
pendants and jewellery with crystal beads.
BeadInfinitum is a website in english devoted to beaded crafts. Check their site for free patterns or buy any of their kits or works.

Here are some ideas and patterns for making earings with beads
Beaded earings are easy to make and don't require a lot of time. You'll need some special supplies for making earings, like earing hooks, wire, different types of crystal beads and flat nose pliers.
Here is another post (in Spanish) with an easy pattern for beaded earings

finally here is a post with general guidelines to start making your own jewelry with beads

Easy to make beaded ring

This ring is easy to make and you won't need a lot of supplies, some beads, pearls, and thread will be enough.
You will find the instructions for making the ring here: Rubysbeadwork
It is really well explained with photograps of each step, instructions for making the ring and in English. Enjoy your new ring!

More earrings with beads

Earrings are probably the easiest and faster pieces of jewerly you can do with beads. once you have some supplies you can start making earrings in all different colours and styles. Here are some examples:
I liked this idea for long beaded earrings, I found on
How to make them:
Step 1: Start putting into the wire a 6mm red crystal bead, a topaz crystal, a golden spacer, a 6mm red crystal bead, and again a 6mm topaz crystal. Using flat nose pliers, bend the piece of wire 90°, cut off the excess and bend the wire into a loop, insert your ear wire, and then close the loop tightly.
Step 2: Place in a piece of wire a 4mm red crystal bead, a 4mm topaz crystal, a golden spacer, and again one red crystal and one topaz bead, finish with a golden spacer. Bend the piece of wire 90°, cut the excess and bend the 3/16" piece of wire into a loop, insert your eye pin and close tightly.
Here are some other examples of easy to make earrings:

Patterns for bead rings

Here is a post for English readers :)
I have already posted the free patterns and instructions for making three different types of rings with beads. This is a summary of the two different types of beaded rings already shown in the blog.
This is the first ring which was made with simple beads and crystal beads, it's a beautiful flower shaped ring and it's medium difficulty.
Making this jewel will take you at least half an hour, you'll need crystal or swarosky beads (around 10) and small standard beads. I've used a thin nylon thread for making it, to do it yourself follow the pattern showed here. In the patterns "inicio" marks the starting point and "fin" is the end of the work. Start passing the thread through the holes of the beads as shown in the diagram, paying special attention to the points where you have to cross both ends of the thread trhough the hole of an Swarosky bead. I've called this jewel "flower ring"

This is a completely different type of ring, made with "balls" or fake pearls and standard beads. This jewel is easier to do than the former one, to do it, follow step by step the pattern shown here, following the diagram as explained above

Useful sites for beaders

For those who like bead jewelry making, like me, here are some good websites wher you can find patterns and instructions for creations with beads.

Making rings with beads

This is a translation from a previous post in Spanish, with general guidelines for making rings with beads

Rings made with beads or Swarosky crystal are in!! Making your own jewerly with beads is quite easy, you'll only need some skill, time and patience.
In this website I'd like to show you some rings that I've made using crystal beads. You will also find instrutions and patterns for making jewerly and other objects with beads, as well as useful links related to beads and crafts. Wishing you find it useful and fun!

To make rings or jewerly with beads you'll need:

It could be either silicon thread (more elastic) or nylon thread, similar to the one used for fishing, depending on the works. Remember to make sure that the thread is thin enough to insert the beads on it

Beads: You will need different types of beads. Usually small beads will be combined with bigger crystal beads ot swarosky beads. For each piece I will recommend you the best type of beads, and the quantity.