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Pendientes de abalorios

pendientes abalorios
Aprender a hacer estos preciosos pendientes de abalorios sencillos pero muy elegantes, combinando abalorios pequeños de distintos colores con abalorios en forma de perla.

Son muy fáciles de hacer, solo tenéis que utilizar los colores de abalorios que queráis y animaros a hacer diferentes modelos, luego podéis combinarlos como más os guste.

Os explicamos aquí qué materiales necesitáis y como hacer estos pendientes paso a paso.

Pendientes con tupies de cristal

Estos preciosos pendientes están hechos con tupis de cristal Swarovski y alambre fino.

Se trata de un esquema muy sencillo, aprende a hacerlo con estas instrucciones y combina los colores que más te gusten para dar tu toque personal.

pendientes con abalorios Swarovski
Pendientes con tupis de cristal Swarovski

Instrucciones para hacer pendientes de abalorios

Aquí teneís un video en el que se explica como hacer pendientes con un par de abalorios, tupies o facetadas de cristal y alambre. Necesitaréis también unos alicates de punta redonda para dar forma al alambre y unos broches de pendientes.

Prueba a hacer más pendientes de abalorios

Free beading project

Here is a beautiful bead project to make for our English readers. Learn to make these earings with blue beads, follow the tutorial you will find in this site and enjoy your beading.
Earings tutorial

More beading projects here

Christmas crafts with beads

In this english website you will find the instructions to make these earings with beads. Yes! they are Christmas trees. A perfect gift for Christmas that you can make yourself. You won't need expensive beads, the earings are made with seed beads.
Learn how to make them here: rings and things

Crystal bead jewellery: summary of works presented

How to make Crystal bead necklaces and pendants Learn how to make yourself some of these beautiful necklaces,
pendants and jewellery with crystal beads.
BeadInfinitum is a website in english devoted to beaded crafts. Check their site for free patterns or buy any of their kits or works.

Here are some ideas and patterns for making earings with beads
Beaded earings are easy to make and don't require a lot of time. You'll need some special supplies for making earings, like earing hooks, wire, different types of crystal beads and flat nose pliers.
Here is another post (in Spanish) with an easy pattern for beaded earings

finally here is a post with general guidelines to start making your own jewelry with beads

More earrings with beads

Earrings are probably the easiest and faster pieces of jewerly you can do with beads. once you have some supplies you can start making earrings in all different colours and styles. Here are some examples:
I liked this idea for long beaded earrings, I found on
How to make them:
Step 1: Start putting into the wire a 6mm red crystal bead, a topaz crystal, a golden spacer, a 6mm red crystal bead, and again a 6mm topaz crystal. Using flat nose pliers, bend the piece of wire 90°, cut off the excess and bend the wire into a loop, insert your ear wire, and then close the loop tightly.
Step 2: Place in a piece of wire a 4mm red crystal bead, a 4mm topaz crystal, a golden spacer, and again one red crystal and one topaz bead, finish with a golden spacer. Bend the piece of wire 90°, cut the excess and bend the 3/16" piece of wire into a loop, insert your eye pin and close tightly.
Here are some other examples of easy to make earrings: